2 Year Smoochiversary

We both don’t remember when exactly we met, but we know it was this time of year, 2 years ago. My excuse for not remembering was being concussed and his excuse was being too busy hustling trying to low key so he could leave the country again for another long-term adventure.

But, he noticed me, the real me, amongst the mental and emotional whirlwind that was going on inside me from brain trauma. He listened to me. He saw ME. And next thing we both knew, we had a partner. Something neither of us even knew we wanted until we were IN it.

He came up to me the other day and said “Hey our 2 year smoochiversary is coming up”, and I 100% believed he miscounted the years when he said that. How has it already been two years but ONLY been two years?!

Every time we reflect on this together, I’m in awe of this sweet human. I just can’t fathom how he was able to handle me so gracefully during the ugliest and most miserable time of my life. Someone who was actively trying keep his head down, make money, and then scram, was the one and only person who could handle the full, raw and exploding version of me at the time. He sat by my side during countless hours lying in my van bed as I screamed and cried under a pillow and dozens of panic attacks after driving or walking out of of store because the fluorescent lights made me too dizzy to walk or talk or think.

After the worst phase of my brain injury had passed, we both realized we had a lot of personal growth to do if we wanted to continue to have a healthy relationship. Looking back, it seems like we had this seamless ebb and flow in our relationship. One stepped up a little more when the other clearly needed the support, and vice versa. And that’s just how we continue to get through everything: money stress, family drama, old traumas, future goals. 

Despite all the hard stuff, everything has always just felt so easy with him. And even when he’s mad at me, he’s only ever been gentle, compassionate and relentlessly sweet to me. I don’t know how we got here, but I’m so happy we did. And the deeper we get into this thing, the more and more excited I am to do life with this favorite human of mine.