Vacation Mode

How I’m feeling about today being the first day of our one month vacation: YAYYYY! 🙌🏼

We’ve been (over-)working hard these past couple months so that we can fully enjoy Victor’s 5 weeks off school. We’re off to SoCal to be with family and maybe take some mini road trips to Mexico and Utah while we’re out where the sun shines in winter.

I’m. so. grateful. that we have the freedom to escape from our cozy little life in the redwoods and recharge with sun rays and friendships down south. 

It’s been 4.5 months since we last made this drive (in the opposite direction) with all our belongings stuffed into our two cars. And just over 3 months ago I was feeling like a useless lump, unable to find a job after our move. Now I’m (unbelievably) booked up with clients every week after deciding to make my own job (thank you, humans of Eureka!). And instead of driving through the summer heat, we’ve got perfect road trip weather for 800 miles 🚐💨