Things To Do When Feeling Stuck

Sometimes, I extra grouchy with myself when I feel stuck. On those days where I can’t find inspiration, motivation, or the right stimulation, I get so mad at myself for not working harder or being more disciplined or some sort of other nonsense my grouchy self can think of to be too harsh. I feel these things especially hard as I explore this world of running my own business alone.

Luckily for me, on days when I’m not a grouch that feels stuck, I take out my journal and make a list of things to do when feeling stuck. Things that give me life and make me happy and bring that creative, productive flow back.

Here are some of those things:

  • walk in nature

  • write my in journal

  • turn on music

  • go for a drive

  • get tha fuck off social media

  • write stories

  • call my friends

  • doodle

  • read

  • flip through old journal entries

  • send snail mail

  • cook

  • make messy art

  • drink tea

  • plan a road trip

  • study something

  • be barefoot outside

  • dance by myself (or someone else!)

  • take photos


What are some of your things? (Tell me because it makes me happy!) 😉 ✌🏽