Support Feels So Good

It feels SO GOOD to be supported. With words. With presence. With resources. Financially. Emotionally. Physically.

I love seeing this pattern of people who show up continuously in my life. To the friends who cheer me on in entrepreneurship and sit on the other end of the phone for hours listening to me emotionally break down to build back up. To the friends who are far away with their families asking if they can donate some money to an organization or group I’m volunteering for. To the people who take my classes and remind me that I CAN do this work and leave my cup filled to the brim. To the people who read all my brainstorms and outlines and try it out for themselves just to help me get a new perspective from a fresh pair of eyes. To the friends who run off into the middle of nature with me to explore and disconnect from the digital world so we can recharge our human selves. To the wonderful humans who send me surprises messages, letters, and voicemails just to check in and make sure I know I am more than enough and LOVED.

These things are my life force. I always want to give back deeply. I’m here for the work that asks me if I can be better. And it’s so so so much easier to keep doing all the things when I feel fueled by humans like you.

Thank you. THANK YOU. Thank you. I love you! ❤️