Goodbye SoCal

This is our last weekend living in SoCal until further notice. For the next 9-12 months, Humboldt County will be home and as things are all coming together, timing really feels perfect.

I can feel I’ve been in a shift these past couple months. Not the kind of shift that I had last year where everything inside crumbled and I was miserable until I re-learned how to build myself back up as this newly transformed human. This shift feels good. It feels supported. It feels in sync with the universe.

I have been doing SO MUCH deep digging inner work. Around my values. My boundaries. My relationships. My privilege. How I hold myself accountable to taking action on what I believe in. It’s all coming together now and I’m excited to root and ground down in the dense redwood forests while I mesh all this together and create new things.

I’ve wondered to myself why I’ve been struggling to release and launch this passion project of mine to the world. I can see now where I just needed a pause while I learned where I needed to tweak things. I feel like I’ve had a hard time discerning between pausing and procrastinating. As I pack up my things to move from SoCal to NorCal, I feel like a bunch of clarity is laying over me.

We spent our last week here eating at all the places we love. Having quiet beach days at both our hidden locals spots and down on the coast of Baja. We’ve sold all the things we no longer use and donated a bunch more to people who are going to use them for good. I’ve hugged and chatted with so many loved ones in the past several days and it all feels good.

This kind of closure is so nice. I’ve been feeling angsty and angry towards SoCal recently. Feeling overwhelmed by the energy of the people whom I sometime feel have swarmed here (myself included). I’ve had a hard time with patience and understand for my local community. I’ve struggled finding near-by support for things I believe are so important. I’ve been frustrated with the air of entitlement and inaction I see around me.

All of that angst and anger and expectation feels a little easier now (and I can’t definitely see some spots where I needed to check myself too on these issues). Maybe it’s because I’m moving 800 miles away. Maybe it’s all that deep digging inner work theough journaling and having hard conversations. Either way, I’m glad things are moving, shifting and unfolding. I’m so happy to be at home in those magical trees in just a few short days. 🌲 ✨ ❤️