A New Eureka Home

I just looked at the calendar and realized we’ve been in our new home for 2 weeks. Two whole weeks of mostly foggy days, beautifully lush nature, and this overwhelming feeling of quiet peace.

That last part is funny to me now. When we first moved here (after a few days of complete exhaustion and sleeping 10 hour nights), we would sit in our backyard and ask ourselves how is it possible that we feel so calm? Like not completely calm, but SO much calmer than we did in San Diego. Every single day. We get it now. Even though our town has over 25k people living in it, things are slower and simpler up here. We are surrounded by some of the most amazing nature I have EVER seen. It blows my mind every day. And you know I am so on board with the seriously REAL healing power of nature. The other day, we took a trip up to the summit of the mountain pass to watch the meteor shower. We slept under the stars and spent the day driving through mountain roads and lying on a beach of a river bend doing NOTHING. Something we’re both not very good at, but we did it well all day long. So much healing, that I don’t even know what hit me yet.

I spent much of last year grounding and healing (big time) and learning to be okay with having one steady home base. I imagine some of that same learning will unfold here. Probably more intensity on the grounding. And I think that’s exactly what I need. I have so many huge things on my to-do list that are big and exciting, but definitely exhausting. I’m gunna need all the tree-time I can grasp here.

I’ll still be on-the-go, like always. Having some far away (or maybe not-so-far away) adventure in the book of plans is the only way I know how to do. What an actual privilege it is to be able to get out of town at least once a month. While I love those times away, I think I’ll love coming home a little more than usual. It’s something new that feels like a kind of good I’ve never felt before ❤️ 🌲 ✌🏽