Los Adoptables

This week, 8 of us drove down to Ensenada to volunteer at a shelter for stray dogs in the community. Our friend coordinated a project on the shelter’s to do list to build a plant wall that will give the dogs privacy, help repel ticks and fleas, as well as bring some nice smells to the property.

It was SO refreshing getting out of town to go spend time in the surrounding towns of Ensenada. It feels so busy and crowded and crazy around my home right now. Crossing the border to Mexico felt like the breath of fresh air I didn’t even realize I needed. It was fun working with 7 other people to plan and create something that was needed for the shelter’s new location and is now so appreciated. The woman who started this shelter are phenomenal and I am so inspired by how much they give to their community.

A couple of us are headed back down there to help out at the spay & neuter clinic they’re hosting for 150 local dogs. I missed it too much already, I’m happy to be back so soon! 😉❤️🐶 

Check them out and/or donate here: www.friendsofbajaanimals.org/donate