Two Years Sober

Two years ago today I decided to stop drinking alcohol. It doesn’t feel that long ago when I casually think about it throughout my days, but today it feels especially cool to have been sober for 730 days in a row.

Sobriety has been one of those things that I love and am proud of, but also challenged me and so many of my friendships and the boundaries I have within all my relationships. I started all this because I so deeply craved clarity during a time when my brain and body felt anything but clear. Sobriety was a desperate reach towards one more thing that will maybe help heal me.

And now, here I am, lounging in the sun with my love, drinking tea and feelin’ pretty dang clear and delightful. Sometimes all it takes for me to feel happy and gratefully healthy is just a moment of reflection on how things used to be and how far I’ve come through them.