Silence in the Trees

I went on a spontaneous solo stroll through the forest yesterday. I’ve been back home in Humboldt for two weeks and haven’t spent this much time in the trees once. The moment I found a quiet place to sit, I took the biggest EXHALE I’ve taken in weeks. For over an hour I sat and walked in silence. Just listening. And smelling all the freshness.

I’ve let anxiety silently get the best of me these past couple weeks. I’m working through big transitions and decisions that will unfold to totally change the way I live my life in the new year. Meanwhile, I’m running my own business in small and sweet town, but still questioning my ability to keep up the hustle on the daily. I’ve been doing so much thinking thinking thinking planning plotting and envisioning...I forgot to stop and breathe and recharge.

Silence felt so good yesterday. Feeling tiny and hidden and protected by the redwoods for as long as I needed to just breathe and BE. I feel so grateful to have this nature to get lost in, when I can’t find the calmness I need in my daily routine. When my body needs a reminder to let go.

This kind of anxiety is a relatively new thing to me. My life is wonderful and I love it so much. But so often my body gets to best of me whether I’m ready or not. If I forget how much times like these in nature fuel me, I can get so easily caught in the anxiety trap inside me. But here I am. I’ll be spending much more of my time outdoors this week. 🌲 ✌🏼 ❤️